2015 Shows

Singer-songwriter from Louisiana. Always chasing the next song and next gig. Trying to keep my gratitude higher than my expectations.


28- Erath Vol. Fire Dept. chile cookoff- QSA park- Erath, La. - 5pm

2- the Tavern (solo acoustic)- Opelousas, La.
18- Gator Drag (http://www.gatordragshow.com/) Rayne, La.- 7pm
24- Antler's- downtown Lafayette, La. -9pm
25- RCC- Stafford, Tx. (opening for Captain Legendary Band)
5- Liberty Theatre- "First Friday "series-Eunice, La. - doors open at 5:30-Showtime 6:30pm
22- Pickin on the Pinyon- Basecamp 40- Glade Park, Colorado http://www.bc40hunts.com/
10- House Concert

For Informatin on booking Mike for your House Concert please contact: mikedeanla@gmail.com

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Last night in Welsh

       Last night Ken and I played a special occasion out in Welsh, La.  I'm the first to admit that when I play solo it's a pretty laid back vibe.  Very reflective of my my demeanor.  But when Ken and I or me and the band start the set with "bus blues" or "woods", it's fulmination.  Get on the train friends.  I always enjoy getting to visit and play for the folks out that way.  The young people there say "yessir, nosir".  It's a community that works, and if you're not helping, get out of the way.  They also play.  If you're not playing hard, get out of the way.  They know and request my songs.  They ask about certain songs, and tell me what the words mean to them.  Fathers and daughters dance while singing my words out loud. Mothers with the rare night out let loose and cut up.  College students and teen agers huddle in the corners and  give me a smile when I catch their eye.  Young couples stand shoulder to shoulder holding cocktails singing back at me.  Kids and babies run wild across the dance floor like they've just broke outta jail. I bang the chords and try to fill the air with something to hold on to.  Thanks Welsh, always a pleasure.

Let's do that again sometime.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Last night at Red Dog's

       Thank you Jeff and the crew at Red Dog's in Egan, La. for having myself, Charlie Hager, and Wade Reeves on stage last night.  We sat up there for a couple of hours with acoustic guitars and told stories and sang songs.  I had the best seat in the house and really enjoyed hearing some of Charlie's new songs and Wade's tunes from his new record.  Thanks to Colby, Beau, Hunter and your crews for coming out and having fun on a Thursday night in February.  Can't wait to do it again.  Special thanks to Wade and Charlie for putting up with my harmonica playing.
       I like the old saying "keep it real".  Maybe I haven't always or don't always.  But I keep trying to.  Keep it real.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Louisiana native Mike Dean's songs continue to give us a glimpse into the places and people around him.  Longtime bass player and friend Buck Verret puts it this way: "Nothing fancy, no gimmicks.  Just words and music from a man who has been there and done that.  When we have a show to do we plug in and get to work."  His original songs have become trademarks, bringing a host of fans locally and across the globe.  Live shows feature mostly Dean's works, with the occasional influential cover.  When discussing influences, he says "It's a deep well.  It feels like I've done a million shows by myself.  Some of these bars (playing) four hours it's just me and the acoustic guitar, and it feels like one long song.  When you strip a song down to it's bones, down to the chords and the lyrics, it's easy to see how they all come from the same place.  Don't matter if it's a Springsteen or a Waylon song, Tom Petty or George Jones, or one of mine, three chords and the truth is as far as you can fall."   Dean and his band (Buck Verret on bass, Travis Domingue on drums, Ken Veron and Brian Marshall on electric guitars, and Jason Valdetero on piano) have been regulars in the Acadiana music scene for over 10 years.   2012 marked the release of their 4th studio album, Middle Ground.  Dean's smoky vocals and distinctive phrasing are the common thread that Louisiana locals have come to expect from his projects. Fellow Lafayette troubadour Dege Legg once described Dean and the gang as "George Jones meets Crazy Horse."
Their energetic live shows fuse honky tonk with rock n roll, reminiscent of a roadhouse existence.  When asked about what's next, he again mentions a well known New Jersey songwriter: "I'm doing it, man.  Like the song (Badlands) says 'Talk about a dream, try to make it real.  Don't waste your time waiting.' I live with highs and lows, but this is what I do.  And I'm not waiting for anyone to tell me I can or I can't."
 A Live album is on the horizon for early 2015.