2014 Shows

Singer-songwriter from Louisiana. Always chasing the next song and next gig with a band of talented friends.
23- Gueydan Duck Festival- 5pm

6- Blue Moon Saloon- Lafayette, La. - 8pm (special guests Captain Legendary Band)
20- Red Dog's- (special guest Matt Fracht) - Egan, La.- 9:30pm
26 - Silver Slipper (acoustic-solo) Arnaudville, La. - 6:30pm
11-private party
24- Silver Slipper (acoustic-solo)- Arnaudville, La. - 6:30pm
25- Harvest Moon Fest - Franklin, La.
1- Lakeview Park Dancehall- Eunice, La. - 8pm

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Don't think twice, it's alright

       Yesterday I heard Waylon Jennings' version of a Bob Dylan song, "Don't think twice, it's alright".     Singing my songs, one of his now and then.  Thanks, Waylon.  That's all there is to it.  Sometimes I get disappointed when I look out at a crowd that doesn't know my songs, and they just seem bored.  It happens.  These are always your mainstream country crowds, usually if I'm opening for a country star or playing a "country" bar (which play rap music before and after my set, but that's a whole nother story).  What disappoints me is that if I had tighter clothes on, maybe a black plastic cowboy hat , a big screen behind me showing a video, maybe some smoke, maybe some flames, they might get a little more into my song.  I feel sorry for them.  Words and music.  That's all I care about when I go out there.  Not my vocal ability, not stage presence.  Here is my song, I hope it does something for ya.  It doesn't disappoint me long, because more times than not I find the right audience.  I just see too many elements of 80's hair bands and professional wrestling in mainstream country music.  I'm not knocking it.  That's a horse that has been beaten into the mud.  I'm just thankful there are still many lovers of the song out there. They give singer-songwriters an opportunity to present words and music.  Living room concerts, private parties, listening rooms, and music festivals are put on by the people for love of the song.  Thank you for those opportunities.  I read a cool interview with Dave Grohl recently and he talks about how young musicians today think the contest shows like American Idol are the way into the music world, and how sad that is.  Although those things may present great opportunities for some, they are not and should never be considered the way to have a music career.  Dave says just get your instrument, get with your friends and their instruments, go into the garage, and suck!

Amen, brother Dave.